Financial Inclusion

Definition of Financial Inclusion:

Availing of various financial products for use by all segments of the society regardless of their income or social media status through the formal channels, with adequate quality and cost while protecting the rights of the consumers of these services, which enables them to manage their finances effectively.

Our Vision:

Our aim is to enhance financial inclusion by creating an environment where all individuals have access to financial products and services that meet their needs, while protecting the rights of customers in those services and products.

Financial Inclusion Events:

  • Women Celebration (8th - 31st of March)
  • Arab Day Celebration (1st - 30th of April)
  • Youth Celebration (1st - 15th of August)
  • Farmers Celebration (1st - 15th of September)
  • Savings Celebration (15th - 31st of October)
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities Celebration (1st – 15th of December)

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