Corporate Social Resposibility

Banks are considered one of the key pillars in building the economic structure of the country; hence Arab International Bank has always been keen to contribute to sustainable finance and corporate social responsibility since its establishment. Arab International Bank had a main goal of playing a vital economic and social role in Egypt and the Arab world, since its formation, through participating and funding mega projects that contribute to developing different sectors of the national economy.

Arab International Bank has also contributed with more than 96 million Egyptian pounds since 2014 to Aswan Heart Center (Magdy Yacoub); Abou El Reesh, El Nas and El Demerdash hospitals; orphanages; COVID-19 vaccines; c-ops for individuals with special needs; seniors; and families of road accidents' victims; establish a 70 feddan family park in the first settlement in New Cairo; build a new orphanage; contribute to "Tahya Misr" Fund; and the effective cooperation with the Federation of Egyptian Banks in developing slum areas, including infrastructure and human development in different fields as education (building a new school and renovating two existing schools in Helwan); health, supporting women programs; and youth development programs.