Dear Customer,

Reference to the Central Bank’s desire to include Arab Republic of Egypt within the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) system, the registration of Arab Republic of Egypt has been completed by SWIFT organization as a country using the IBAN system. Thus, becoming the country number 77 to implement this system as of June 30, 2020; declaring Egypt among the countries that comply with the international standards for the implementations of financial transfers.

● What is the IBAN?

IBAN represents a bank account number that is recognized by banks and other financial institutions around the world. Your current personal bank account number will remain the same without any changes.

● Why IBAN?

The IBAN is an accurate and internationally certified account number that facilitates the process of transferring money at a lower cost and higher accuracy.

● What are the banking operations that require an International Bank Account Number?

1. Any inward transfers from local or international banks are accepted.

2. Any outward transfers issued from the customer’s account in the bank are sent to local or international banks.

● What does the IBAN consist of?

The length of the IBAN primary bank account number varies from one country to another. Therefore, the International Bank Account Number used in Egypt consists of two letters and 27 digits.

● Country Code (2 letters)

● Check Digit, varies from an account to another (2 digits)

● Bank code at the Central Bank (4 digits)

● Branch Code (4 digits)

● Customer account number (13 digits + 0000)


● How do I retrieve the IBAN?

You can retrieve your IBAN through:

● Individual

  ○ Using the “IBAN Converter” on AIB website

  ○ AIB Online Banking services

  ○ Your bank statement

  ○ Calling our hotline 19604

  ○ Visiting the nearest AIB branch

● Corporate

  ○ Using the IBAN generator on AIB website

  ○ Your bank statement

  ○ Calling our hotline 19604

  ○ Visiting the nearest AIB branch

● How do I use the “IBAN Converter” to convert my bank account number to my IBAN?

Write down your 13-digit bank account number as follows:

Branch code - account number - currency code

And then press on “Generate IBAN”

*You can view your branch code and currency code through AIB Online Banking service, account statements or by visiting any of AIB branches.