Compliance Activity

AIB is considered among the pioneering banks operating in Egypt in establishing an independent sector for compliance since 2002 to protect the Bank from any noncompliance risks.

A developed compliance policy was ratified in accordance with the accords of Basel II, by virtue of which the Head of Compliance was appointed, along with the appointment of Branches Compliance Officers.

The banking compliance sector aims to reduce the risks to which the bank may be exposed, in particular reputational risks, which may result from not applying laws, regulatory controls, and banking customs, whether local or international. These risks can be avoided by applying the compliance role effectively, as every employee in the bank must be aware of his personal and professional accountability towards compliance with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, one of the tasks of compliance sector is to work on monitoring the effectiveness of correcting deficiencies in the compliance process on an ongoing basis, and it also works to manage the relationship with the regulatory authorities.

The activity of the Compliance Sector depends on two axes:


Ensure the conformity of business mechanisms, systems and regulations at the Bank with the banking standards and policies and with the laws and instructions issued by the supervisory authorities.



Anti-money laundering.